Sunday, August 18, 2013

Schism and future works

Again, too long since I've done this, but I have released my fourth novel, Schism, and it is a pivotal book in the Oak Villa franchise. Future books will be affected by some of the choices made in the book and I hope they will be for the better. I think future stories (including a short one I'm working on right now) will be less focused on organized crime and more on people. That's not to say gangs and mobsters won't be involved on some level, but not to the degree that they were.

My fifth book, which is in production, will be a departure from past works. It will be outside the Oak Villa universe, for one, and it will be a spy story and a serial novel. I don't know how many parts the book will be chopped into (four or five is my guess), but each part will likely be a 17,000-20,000 word novella. I hope to have the first part released by the time I finish the second part so I give myself a little bit of a head start. After that the books will be released every couple of weeks.