Oak Villa Short Stories

Conduit (An Oak Villa Story)

Detective Mark DeWanco is investigating a drug network in North Central Oak Villa that has come to power recently. A lead takes him to Juan Vergara, a middleman selling drugs for Lucas Thomas, a young drug dealer looking to keep his personal life--or what's left of it--from crumbling. DeWanco is determined to bring down Lucas and learn who is at the top of the chain--regardless of what it does to the people affected by his actions.

Carpetbagger (An Oak Villa Story)

Antonio Ruiz and Jack Timmons have been sent from Oak Villa to Tupelo, Mississippi, for a little weekend R&R and to pick up some guns. Antonio is still smarting from a major setback and Jack is still struggling to adjust to civilian life after spending time in prison for armed robbery. Their trip goes awry when their seller decides to wipe out the mob's presence in Tupelo. Surviving in unknown, hostile territory is less than a guarantee.

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Retribution (An Oak Villa Story)

Pete Stenov has spent most of his life running from his past and from the false accusations that have crippled his future. After a chance encounter with an old friend, he finally sees a chance to turn the tables on the person who ruined his life--Jessie Fowler, a former classmate and model who falsely accused him of rape many years ago.

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