Friday, April 8, 2011

First Post


I am C.R. Jakes. I am a crime novelist and I will be publishing my first book before May 1. My book is called Coercion and it is, in short, about a corrupt homicide detective and a low-rent Russian gangster trying to keep their heads above water when a double homicide and an upcoming heist threaten to blow both of them out of the water. The story takes place in a fictional Illinois suburb called Oak Villa. Figured creating my own little world was easier than dealing with the so-called "real" world, though many of the surrounding neighborhoods and communities around Oak Villa are very real.

I might publish the first chapter for everyone to read here, but I'm sure that won't be necessary as most of the big-time e-publishers allow you to read a small sample to try and entice you to buy. I will likely be using Smashwords as my publisher since they have connections to the Nook, Kindle, Sony E-reader, and most everything else that people will likely be using for their reading pleasure.

Coercion itself is 99.5% finished. It does need a final polish in a few spots and it also needs a cover. The latter is harder than the former since I am incapable of drawing a straight line. Sad, I know. Nonetheless, it will be ready before May Day and further details will follow.

My blog will not just focus on updates, but on general things in the literary world and sometimes out of it.


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